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Barrier is a software that works just like a KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch, which allows you to use a single mouse and keyboard to control several different computers by physically turning a dial on the box to switch the machine you're controlling at any given time. Barrier is able to do this in software, giving you control over different machines by simply moving your mouse to the edge of the screen, or by using a keypress to switch focus to a different system.

Barrier was built to be simple and reliable, allowing you to control a different machine by simply using your mouse and keyboard from another. It works on all major operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS/OS X), including FreeBSD and OpenBSD.


  • Simple and easy control of multiple computers with just one mouse and keyboard
  • Compatible with most operating systems
  • Free and open source

Barrier Screen Shot


  •    Free and open source
       Available for Windows

  • Cons

  •    Not available for Android and iOS

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